Greetings from sunny San Diego, and welcome to Nancy’s San Diego Scoop, the official blog for Nancy’s Vacation Rentals! This blog is THE place to visit to learn about all of the amazing things San Diego has to offer – from local happenings to major events, places to stay (we have plenty of those on our roster!), to eat, to relax or build memories!

I wanted to share a note from Nancy Kramer, Owner and President, about how NVR began and what Nancy and our team stands for:

“Dear Readers,

Oddly enough, the events of 9-11 are responsible for me getting into the vacation rental business. I was a flight attendant with United Airlines, which offered 4 year furloughs to keep layoffs at a minimum. After 32 years of international flight, I decided to take the opportunity to try my hand at something new. I returned home and started renting my Paris apartment as a vacation rental. A few months later I decided to rent my San Diego bay condo as well and Nancy’s Vacation Rentals was hatched.
Over time, I began to take on requests from other owners to book their vacation homes. In less than 5 years, “trying my hand at something new” grew to a full fledged business with over 25 vacation properties. Now we have over 60 rentals and a fun family business!

I strive to make each vacation home as comfortable as your own home, not pretentious but nicely furnished, warm and cozy, and romantic!  I have assembled a variety of outstanding Vacation Rentals in San Diego and Paris that I know you will enjoy. I’ve solicited feedback from my guests and listened to their suggestions; Little things like always providing an extra set of keys, having a place to stand up your toothbrush in the bathroom, providing a few toiletries you might have forgotten or special things such as bubble bath, candles, High-Speed Internet connections, jigsaw puzzles, novels, tour books, maps and a binder-full of local information to point you in the right direction to the nearest grocery store, the best restaurants, and a few lesser known attractions that you might otherwise have missed. Customer Service is our first priority! All of us at Nancy’s Vacation Rentals are dedicated to providing you with a vacation that you will long remember…. one that you will yearn to return to, time and time again!”

So, with that, I ask you to read on and enjoy! Share and comment! Contact us! And be a part of Nancy’s Vacation Rentals and the wonderful memories we strive to help you create.


Ashley Tickell




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