2017 Travel Adventures in San Diego and Beyond!

Dear Friends,

Happy 2017! I hope your celebrations were joyous. Last post, I filled you in on the busy, awesome and productive year Nancy had in 2016. 2017 will prove to be equally adventuresome. 2016 seemed to be, for many, a big year all around. It certainly was for my family as my husband and I had our baby boy, Grant! Becoming parents has been the most incredible, insane and epic experience of our lives and words cannot describe the love and awe we have for our little guy. Adventures, indeed. And adventures are what bring me to the post today (see, I was going somewhere with all of that mushiness)…


I would venture to guess that 2017 will come with a whole slew of resolutions and high on many people’s lists will be the big ‘T’. Travel. Since we are a vacation rental company, travel is in our blood. Yes, we specialize in properties in San Diego with one in Paris. We can fill you in on the beauty of Balboa Park, the animal kingdom at the San Diego Zoo and the gorgeous beaches in Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla. We know the local hangouts and where to catch a gorgeous sunset. But all of us here at Nancy’s know travel, love travel and are pretty darn good at it both in and out of San Diego! So just for fun and for a change, here are a few of our personal travel destinations for 2017!


Nancy will be attending the European conference of VRMA, Vacation Rental Managers Association, in Amsterdam in March. She will then spend a little bit of time in Paris to make sure our rental apartment has everything it needs for our guests. Then, on to the Loire Valley (have you ever seen the famous Chateau de Chenonceau? Breathtaking) to visit friends and do some bike riding. Nancy loves her biking!

Our lovely Sarah (Maintenance Coordinating Supervisor) will be off to Phoenix to visit her son and then to visit her daughter in Battenkill, Vermont after our busy summer season! A great spot to check out in Phoenix is Durant’s Steakhouse. Opened in 1950, this spot is still family owned. With many regulars – Joe DiMaggio, Clark Gable and John Wayne all frequented Durant’s. Have their signature martini and a steak of your choice and enjoy the atmosphere. As Durant himself always said, “Good friends, great steaks and the best booze are the necessities of life”.


Jason Kong (Director of Operations) is planning a trip to New York to visit his aunt who lives on a lovely 100 acre property on Long Island. Of course, he’ll be exploring the awesomeness that is Manhattan while he is there. Perhaps a trip for drinks at The Frying Pan (if the season is right!), an old, historic sunken ship that was brought back to life and moored at Pier 66 for all to enjoy. Or, a walk through Central Park then later catching a lesser known show in the East Village; there are lots of ways to experience New York like a local, and Jason plans to do just that!


My husband and I will be taking our little one to meet his Grandparents in Melbourne, Australia for the first time in 2017. A gorgeous city (that is actually reminiscent of both San Diego and my hometown of Toronto) full of art, culture and the best coffee you’ll ever drink -Melbourne is a place that, given the opportunity, I would most certainly call home. Further north, we plan to hit some hotspots along the Queensland coast for some surf, sun and sand. We’ll hit Surfer’s Paradise for a short jaunt to take in the tourist town and the killer waves. From there, Byron Bay and it’s surf, markets and delicious oysters overlooking the water. Time permitting, Noosa will be the next stop. We can’t wait!

2017 is here, it’s time to start planning that trip to San Diego and wherever else the travel bug may take you!




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