4 Reasons Why Americans Should Use Their Vacation Time!

658 million vacation days went unused in America last year. Of them, 222 million were lost and wasted because they could not be rolled over or transferred to other benefits. Far too many Americans are overworked and according to the study done by Project Time Off, many have fears about using their vacation days, worrying that they will return to a pile of work, or that their employers would frown upon them taking the time away when in reality they are often happy to have you holiday and return bright eyed to work! The truth of the matter is there are many more reasons why we should be using – and enjoying – our vacation days than why we ought not to be and remain overwhelmed by the day to day schedules of all work and no play.

Throwing Away Money

According to an article in Business Insider, last year Americans threw away $65.6 billion in time off benefits. As an individual, you said goodbye to about $748 for the year that could have very easily gone straight into your pocket -while you were enjoying well deserved time off! Instead, you worked. Silly, no?


More Productivity at Work

We all put in long hours each week to be sure we can maintain our positions in the workforce, make enough money to support our families and lifestyles and feel secure. However, employers have noticed (and researchers have studied this) that levels of productivity and general workplace attitude are much improved when employees take short holidays and breaks throughout their work year. So, it’s a win – win!

Improve Your Health and Well Being

This article in The Huffington Post shows a number of ways that science shows taking vacations can make you happier. According to the article, taking a break is good for the brain. Physiologically, our brain and bodies need breaks, and essentially let us know when we’re in need of one! We ought to listen to what our amazing minds and bodies say, and take that time off when needed. We’ll be so much better off for it!


Family Time

Last, but most certainly not least on this list, is family time. We all know work is important and is the means in which we are able to support our families with money earned. However, quality time with family and the feeling of connectedness that occurs because of it, significantly improves both life at home and in the office. Your spouse will thank you,  your boss will thank you, and your children will spill ice cream on you while they share their sweet treat as you stroll together along the beach in holiday bliss!




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