8 Reasons Why San Diego is the Best City to Visit!

Dreaming up the perfect vacation can be a time of stress for some. For others, it offers a chance to imagine all of the amazing places all over the world that are ready to be explored. Do you want a beach holiday? A busy city and cultural holiday? A family friendly destination or a place to let loose a little more? What if you’re looking for a place that offers all of these things? Well, let me be of assistance. I have just the city. Read on for 8 reasons why San Diego is the best city to visit for your vacation!


Is there a better place to start this list of reasons than the glorious San Diego beaches? Check out our past post to get an idea of a few – I’d just suggest avoiding Black’s Beach with the kiddos! From Mission Beach by Belmont Park up to La Jolla Shores where you can swim, surf, kayak and explore, the beaches in San Diego offer a plethora of opportunities and activities to play in the sunshine, and some even offer fire pits for use on those lovely summer nights.

Arts and Culture

The creative scene in San Diego is one to marvel over. From art to theatre to music, there is something to satisfy every creative soul’s cravings! La Jolla Playhouse is a Tony Award winning non-profit theatre. Many of its productions had early beginnings here before moving on to Broadway. If you are more inclined to explore museums, Balboa Park holds many, including the San Diego Museum of Art. Those with the music in you can explore venues like Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay or The Casbah  for both familiar artists and brilliant new musicians to the scene. The arts and culture of the area is a great reason to head to San Diego for your vacation!


San Diego has fast become famous for the craft beer breweries in the area, from The San Diego Brewing Company to Ballast Point Brewery. Check out this article to get the lowdown on the amazing beer scene and all it has to offer! Who doesn’t love a nice cerveza during their vacation? Reason enough to be on this list!

Mexican Food

With the border a mere twenty minutes from downtown San Diego, you can’t help but come across some incredible Mexican fare while exploring restaurants in San Diego! Of course, there is the famous San Diego staple Rubio’s, but it is even more worth exploring the food carts in the weekly markets as well as some of the smaller holes in the wall like the Mexican Fiesta stand! So. Good.

Farmer’s Markets

San Diego has an abundance of free farmers markets to enjoy. In a city of such health consciousness and creativity, it is no doubt nearly every neighbourhood has their own lovely market each week! Of course, the numerous stands don’t give away everything for free, but there are many stations that offer free food and drink samples. And with live music to enjoy and a few dollars in pocket you can enjoy a sweet treat as you stroll from stand to stand and take in the lively atmosphere. Two of my favourites are the Little Italy Farmer’s Market and the Ocean Beach Farmers Market, on Saturdays from 9am-2pm and Wednesdays from 4pm-8pm, respectively. If you’re on the search for more, here is a list of free markets San Diego offers – you can go to one every day of the week!

Comic Con

Comic Con International began back in 1970 as a ‘minicon’ at the US Grant Hotel in Downtown San Diego. This small, one day event eventually grew into the behemoth extravaganza it is today, with up to 130,000 attendees swarming the city to catch the latest news in the movie and comic world and meet their favorite science fiction and comic celebrities, actors, writers and creators. Though tickets can be hard to come by,  if you aren’t lucky enough to snatch them up in time, just heading downtown and exploring around the convention centre will give you a great taste of the fun! The costumes alone are a sight to see! Get here July 21st to 24th to check out this awesome summer event in San Diego.


Not many people will disagree when I say that San Diego may very well have the nicest weather in America. It is temperate year round. Very little rain. Lots of sunshine and rarely does it get unbearably hot – even on the rare day it does, it is a dry heat, not that cloying humidity! The cooler nights can be a nice reprieve from the hot sun, but nothing beats those patio days and beach afternoons for most of the year!

Places to Stay

With a plethora of hotels and vacation rentals to choose from, San Diego is a vacationers paradise. Of course, I’m a little biased. So I’d recommend this great little company called Nancy’s Vacation Rentals for some amazing beach front properties to call home during your holiday!


Wherever your preferences lie, San Diego is sure to satisfy your vacation cravings!







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