San Diego’s Latest Stories of Shipwrecks and Lasting Love…

     It is well known around all of North America and many other parts of the world that San Diego is blessed with some of the best weather. Ever. But San Diego is more than just a sunny sky and a warm breeze. San Diego is full of stories and rich with history. In fact, just recently San Diego has been touched with stories of both revelry and love – vast enough to fill the silver screen! Here are just two of the latest news worthy stories that had us tickled…

     In 1936, the SS Monte Carlo was lost at sea. Once upon a time, oil tankers like these were notoriously called ‘Sin Ships’. During prohibition, gamblers, prostitutes, drinkers and revellers would slink on board for a night of vice and sin while the ship floated in international waters, away from the long arm of the law. One devastating night, the wrath of storm destroyed The SS Monte Carlo and it’s sad remains drifted to the shores of Coronado. There is rumoured to be $150,000 worth of silver dollar coins in the remains of the wreckage and today, after our most recent El Nino storm, that wreckage has been exposed once again for tourists and treasure hunters alike to see.

The SS Monte Carlo; Photo from

     Moving along from the dastardly deeds upon the Monte Carlo, next is a story of love. True, enduring and inspiring…

     I found this story recently in the San Diego Union Tribune and it just took my breath away. Every year, the Worldwide Marriage Encounter awards a couple for the “Longest Marriage Contest”. This year, Carlsbad couple Maury and Helen Goosenberg were given the honour. The Goosenbergs have been married for 80 years after having been wed in the fall of 1935. Maury met Helen at a Halloween party when she was 16 years old.  He thought her a beauty but ‘wasn’t ready to commit’ at the time, being a whole 18 months older! But after realizing he would never meet a girl quite like Helen, with a beauty glowing inside and out, he was ready to settle down. As the years went on, they remained quite inseparable. From their humble beginnings, they grew businesses together and prospered. They have lived full lives, with successes, sorrows and many joys, and after 80 years of marriage their love has remained constant and strong. Helen is still touched by his humour and intellect, and Maury confesses that he is the luckiest man in the world…
…So you see, if you’re looking to enjoy stories and histories of debauchery or of family and of lasting love, all in the warmth of a beautiful, blue, perfect day, you need not look further than our amazing San Diego.


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