Holiday Survival Guide: Tips for Travel

     I’m the first to admit that holiday travel isn’t always merry and bright. Beefed up security. Long lines with heavy coats and extra luggage. Wondering if it was worth the extra hundreds of dollars for a plane ticket to be stuck in this goodness knows how awful moment in time, hoping you’ll stop sweating when you’re away from all of these strangers standing too close to you, and that the security guard patting down the person in front of will let you sail by without the extra attention. Holiday travel is like being stuck on the rush hour train on a Friday evening in midtown Manhattan. Just. The. Worst. But you love your family. And you can’t wait to see them. And Christmas really is one of your favourite times of the year! So, you ask, how on earth can we get through this unscathed, and just have a happy, joyous holiday season? So here are a few tips to keep you humming a cheerful tune from door to door. Or chimney to chimney…Santa does holiday travel, too.

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

    Holiday travel can be unpredictable. From flight cancellations and security lines to overbookings, you can never be too prepared for any situation. Give yourself ample time to get through security and be sure any layovers give you breathing room in between, should there be any delays. Check out WorldMate to help you organize all of your bookings and your itinerary, as well as a way to get updates on flight status and travel alerts.  My husband likens me to the contestants on the Amazing Race. At the drop of a hat, I’m ready with my phone, internet and apps to rebook, reschedule and prepare for what is next. You can survive whatever is thrown at you if you’re prepared for it!

Be Comfy Cozy

     I know there are those business women out there who hit the tarmac like they’re hitting the catwalk. I applaud them. But I, ladies and gentleman, am not one of them. Yoga pants, sneakers and my favourite sweater are the way to go – especially around the holidays! Call me practical, but high heels and a-line skirts just don’t speak to the whole “I’m-standing-in-line-for-2-hours-and-then-will-be-squished-on-a-plane-for-another-4” mentality. So if you don’t want to pull a diva fit while you wait, remember to wear something cozy to sit around in or bring something like a pillow or blanket to cuddle with should things take longer than normal.

Carry On…Don’t You Cry No More

     Practice makes perfect, so if you can perfect the art of ‘packing light’ you will be light years ahead of the game! No waiting in line to check your bags, no waiting at the carousel to pick them up on the other side. And no risk of Josie Luggage-Stealer trying to stake claim on your suitcase full of Christmas presents!

Hangry Is Not Becoming

     We’ve all been there. You arrive at the airport. You see the line, miles long in front of you. But you don’t have time to buy a meal, you need to get through that line. So you wait. And you get hungrier. And hungrier. And those people in front of you just couldn’t possibly move any more slowly. And the hunger grows and grows until…

So how do you kill that hanger? Pack snacks! Granola bars, a refillable water bottle. Anything you can nosh on in line and quickly trash when it’s your turn to go through security. Snacks aren’t just for kids. They’re for you, too!

All Work and No Play

      Whether you’re traveling solo, with your honey or with your gaggle of little ones, keeping busy always helps! Get the Netflix app, download books onto a Kindle, do crosswords or play card games – get yourself organized with little items like these and your time at the airport will be more bearable. I wish I had the power to make the travel time fly, but since I have to leave that to the pilots, I hope that game of Go, Fish or the latest trilogy does the trick!

Breathe. Just Breathe.

     Ultimately, you can only control so much on these long days of travel. So when you’ve watched all you can, planned like a pro and little Billy just can’t eat any more granola bars…breathe. Count slowly to ten, close your eyes and take a moment of internal quiet. You’d be surprised at how much this little mini meditation can help!

So breathe through those moments. You will survive and make it through to the other side! And it will be so, so worth it.

Happy Holidays!!!



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