Top 10 Reasons Why October Rules!

It’s here. One of my favourite times of the year. Autumn. Fall. October. The Harvest Season. Whatever you like to call it, it’s awesome! Being from Toronto, Canada originally, I am particularly fond of every item on this list. However, even in San Diego, most still apply! So here it is. In no particular order…


1. Sweater Weather. After a summer of heat, sweat and tanks and tees, getting to put on a cozy sweater to head out the door into the sweet, crisp air is the most wondrous feeling…

2. Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Pie. Coffee. Pancakes. Decor. Candles…and oh, so much more. I look forward to it every year. Without fail. Yum…

3. Fall Colours. One of the things (aside from my family!) that I miss the most about being back East in Toronto. Just glorious. Romantic. Crisp. Fresh. Clean. 

4. Animals and Children Wearing Hilarious Halloween Costumes. Really. I dare you to NOT let your heart burst looking at this duo Trick or Treating on Halloween Night!

5. The romantic and cozy warmth of a fireplace! Whether you are snuggling up with a good book, a glass of wine with your loved one, or hot cocoa with the kiddos, this is such a perfect way to spend an evening in autumn.

6. Footy Finals Fever. Ok, I’m biased here because my hubby is Australian, but if it isn’t footy, you’ve got the NFL going hard this time of year, so BRING IT, October sports!

7. Octoberfest may officially be in Munich, Germany, but let’s admit it. We celebrate it throughout America (and Canada!). Nothing warms the blood like a good ol’ pint of beer. Or three?

8. Canadian Thanksgiving! Hear me out. We celebrate with the same fabulous family meals, turkey dinners with cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy. And on top of that, we get the pumpkin pie, pumpkin squash, fall foliage and the just perfectly cool climate to allow us to go for that I-ate-too-much walk with the cousins after dinner and before dessert…I count myself pretty lucky to celebrate both versions!

9. Halloween! Ever since I can remember I have loved all of the spooky, bump in the night kind of events that are just buzzing this time of year! Haunted houses and scary movies keep my heart racing and me laughing, right after I’ve let out a good Jamie Lee Curtis style blood curdling scream!

10. Eva Cassidy’s Autumn Leaves can be played on loop. And it is totally ok.

And there it is. Happy October.



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