Local History for our Leading Lady’s Mexican Eats of Choice: Rubio’s!

Are you getting hungry, yet? I sure am! Before I dive in to the amazing and delicious story of Rubio’s, let me start out by saying this will be the first of many posts to come about local San Diego businesses. I can’t stress how important it is to us at Nancy’s Vacation Rentals to support the local industries here, and it makes us so happy to be able to share these amazing people and places with you! I’ve started with Rubio’s because a few weeks ago Nancy reached out to me and told me how much she and Betty (our wonderful bookkeeper and Nancy’s amazing Mom!) love, love, love Rubio’s! She suggested I spread that love. So, without further ado, the history of the awesome Rubio’s…

Rubio’s is a San Diego born food chain, famous for it’s super tasty, fresh ingredients, it’s commitment to sustaining the environment and the seafood with which they cook, and of course, the majorly reasonable prices for all of their mouthwatering mexican dishes!

 Founded by a college aged surfer, the fish taco recipe is what made Rubio’s the massive success that it is today. They like to call it a “love story”. Ralph Rubio was exploring the many surf breaks in Mexico, when one day he came across the love of his life…The Fish Taco. Dreams began to form on that fateful day…

After graduation, the young Ralph made a deal with his dad – if Ralph got some restaurant management experience, his dad would help him with the start up cash to open his first taco stand. Deal done, Ralph and his dad bought an Orange Julius stand in 1983, gave it a spruce up and hung their “Rubio’s Fish Tacos” sign…and made Ralph Rubio’s dreams come to life. At his walk up taco stand in Mission Bay, San Diego, he introduced America to his love. And they couldn’t get enough. Over time, word got out and Rubio’s grew from it’s humble beginnings to a prominent spot known by Americans coast to coast! Nancy and Betty can’t get enough. I can’t get enough. America can’t get enough. If you haven’t already, go taste for yourself! What are you waiting for???

  Ralph Rubio, we salute you!

I hope you enjoyed your taste of Rubio’s history…and if you’re a local with a dream or with a business here in San Diego, we want to hear from you! Like I said, we want to spread the word. So call. Write. Send smoke signals. Let us share your stories! We have a lot of love in our hearts for this city, and for the people that have made it the awesome place that it is, today. Talk to you soon…

Sunny Salutations from San Diego,


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