Ending August with a San Diego Bang!

It’s hard to believe the summer is drawing to a close. Albeit, we are blessed here in San Diego and can’t complain about the weather. Ever. I actually think it is an unwritten rule. Because if we do, then anyone who lives anywhere else in the world (my family who suffers Cold Canadian Winters can attest to this) has the right to just curse us right on the spot. And we would have the obligation to take it…admit it. We’re lucky. Summer, autumn, winter, spring, we can stick our toes in the Pacific and listen to outdoor concerts, have meals on perfect patios…

So what are you waiting for!?!?  Here’s a line up for you if you need a little help with your weekend planning.

Saturday August 29th.

9:00am – Roll out of bed from one our our beautiful San Diego homes and make your way over to Cafe 976 for a casual and stellar brunch.

10:00am – Hop in your car and roll the windows down while listening to some old, classic summer tunes, and make your way north to Carlsbad for the Carlsbad Music Festival to listen to some “Adventurous Music By the Beach”. Grab a bite to eat between the dancing!

5:00pm – Head on home for a disco nap and then freshen up to keep the music alive! Make your way to Petco Park…

7:00pm – Yell like a teen, sway, dance and sing along to Taylor Swift as she swings through San Diego on her 1989 World Tour!

Midnight – Before you turn into a pumpkin, crawl into bed for some well deserved sleep, with visions of music notes dancing in your head…

Sunday August 30th.

10:am – Stretch out after your wonderful sleep in, and grab your cup of coffee at the coffee stand down the street.

Noon – When you’ve all managed to drag yourself out of your pj’s and into your swim trunks, and your picnic bag is packed,  head on over to Belmont Park for some carnival rides and beach time, all rolled into one!

5:00pm – When the sun has given you the perfect glow and you can’t possibly get any more sand between your toes and salt water in your nose, head back to your home away from home and shower up. Dress nicely. It’s dinner time. And it’s delicious!

7:30pm – Now that you couldn’t possibly eat anymore, roll up your pant legs and stroll a few blocks to the beach. Find a spot and cosy up to your loved ones. Watch the most remarkable sunset you can imagine…

Image result for san diego sunset

Take it all in. Every bit of it. And when your heart is full and you couldn’t be happier, take one more breath and smile.

This was one magical weekend.



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