The Healing Benefits of the Ocean

The ocean draws an enormous number of people to it’s blue, cool waves every day. The salty air, the refreshing water and warm sand all give us an immediate feeling of relaxation as we escape, even if only for a moment, the chaos of work and the day to day. There are healing benefits to being near the water. It can give us a sense of calm, of serenity. It can help reduce stress and improve clarity. It can create an almost meditative state and give you a sense of peace and happiness.


William J. Nichols, a marine biologist and author, says we all have a ‘blue mind’. Water can heal both the mind and body; being around water gives our brains and senses a rest from over stimulation. The hectic and sometimes overwhelming buzz and pull of work, noise and others’ needs eventually become too much and our brains need a break. Water helps allow us this sense of lesser stimulation, inducing a mild state of calm focus and gentle awareness. That restful, thoughtful state that we find ourselves in can create a sense of awe, of oneness with our surroundings and awareness of something beyond ourselves. In turn, this can allow us to feel more a part of the world around us – and more connected to the people around us.

Not only does the ocean help to create a sense of calm and connectedness mentally and spiritually, but it has physical healing properties, too! Sea air is full of healthy negative ions that assist our bodies in absorbing more oxygen, helping to counteract the negative effects that our gadgets – laptops, cell phones, tablets etc – have on us when they expose us to free radicals that zap our energy. Not only is the air full of healing power, but the sand itself contains minerals we need in our bodies; the sand neutralizes the impact of free radicals. Sea air and the sand we dip our happy toes into can have a positive impact on our minds, bodies and spirits!


We’re happy to report that time in our vacation rentals can help revitalize your minds, bodies and spirits, too! The Seaside Resort came to be in 18th Century Britain as a means to heal oneself while on a mental, physical and spiritual retreat. The air, views, ocean water and weather were meant to heal and rejuvenate. Over time, these resorts became very much about entertainment, dancing and socializing alongside the ‘treatments’ and the resorts grew and expanded throughout the continent. Is it any wonder seaside hotels and vacation rentals are as popular as they are, today? Check out this awesome photograph from Blackpool Resort in Lancashire, England, 1898. Credit goes to a fandom user at


I think it’s safe to say that now, you and your family have no excuse to forgo a visit to beautiful San Diego and it’s stunning – healing – blue waters of the Pacific.




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