Where to See Fall Colours in San Diego County

We all know travelers come from all over the world to experience San Diego’s beautiful beaches and perfect weather. San Diego is an escape from the cold, the hum drum, the dreary. It’s sunny, warm, alive. But what many don’t know is that San Diego also has pockets of gorgeous fall colours throughout the county. So when that crisp coolness comes to the air (once in awhile it does, and it is so much fun to enjoy that boot and sweater weather!) and you’re craving the beautiful golds, red and oranges of fall foliage, make your way to these places!


Temecula is known for its beautiful wine country as well as its shops and restaurants. But come the fall season, it also becomes awash with lovely autumn colours. Head north-east and explore the wine country of Temecula, enjoy the fall atmosphere and sip on the local wines of the season, all as the San Diego sun shines down on you!


Lake Cuyamaca

As stated on their website, “about an hour’s drive from San Diego, Lake Cuyamaca is a picture-book 110 acre lake that is proof positive that good things come in small packages. Situated at an elevation of 4600 feet in an Oak and Pine forest, it is surrounded on three sides by the 26,000 acre Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, which is 52% wilderness. Lake Cuyamaca is the perfect getaway…Few places in San Diego County offer the pristine views that greet your eyes wherever they may wander!” I’ll personally add that it truly is a beautiful wonder to behold. And during the fall months, it becomes a glorious and colourful piece of nature just outside of the perfect city of San Diego.

Image result for lake cuyamaca

We welcome you to explore all that San Diego has to offer. We all know it is a city full of sunshine and sandy beaches, but just outside of those familiar destinations, San Diego offers a quiet, peaceful and colourful corner of the county that deserves to be enjoyed. Breathe in that fresh, autumn air.




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