The Endless Summer

Now that I have your attention, I’m referring to that feeling. That want. That desire for The Endless Summer. The movie is BRILLIANT and I pay tribute with the poster below. But this post is about that sigh you feel this time of year. So. This just may be what everyone has been wishing for as they enjoy the beautiful ocean air and listen to the waves roll up the shore, see the bright lights of the Gaslamp District and take in all that San Diego has to offer during their Labor Day Weekend. That one weekend in the summer that just seems to fly by a little more quickly than all the rest…

Personally,  my family is visiting this weekend from Toronto, Canada. My way-too-cute niece was splashing in the waves just in awe of the size of them compared to our lake side beaches back home, braver than I can imagine ever being swimming in that big, blue ocean! It really is an amazing thing to take in the beauty of San Diego through the eyes of a child. I would say newcomers, but to vacationers and travelers who’ve never explored this city before, I think it is fair to say that even the adults see San Diego, at least parts of it, through the eyes of a child. And to a child, those summer days can truly seem brilliantly, seamlessly, awesomely endless. Here’s a little secret: We can get that feeling back! Maybe not forever, but for a few days, and with a little bit of letting go, it’s possible! Here’s a little something to keep in mind if you’re looking to stretch out that beautiful day you’ve been cherishing the thought of…

Don’t be afraid to wake up early. Seize the day. Stretch. Take in some deep breaths and slowly roll out of your cozy cocoon. Collect your loved ones and take a stroll over to the nearest coffee stand and watch as the morning brightens across the sky. Take in another breath of fresh air and really appreciate your surroundings, the beautiful family or friends around you, or simply, your contented solitude and peace! Throughout your day, continue to take in those moments. Whether you are downtown watching people go by, on the beach catching some sun, in the water cooling off, having a margarita on a patio, or catching a Padres game, find those moments. Those little snapshots in your mind can really create that sense of awe and appreciation of the time that you have, that precious time that you wish you could capture in a bottle and hold forever. That awe and amazement is something that we seem to lose far too quickly as adults, as work and responsibilities overshadow the simple joys and pleasures that are so necessary to live a full and happy life. Don’t let yourself forget those joys and pleasures! Take that breath. Hold that moment in your mind. Make time. Though it is sadly impossible for summer to truly be endless and we cannot all take a trip around the world looking for the perfect wave, we can hold our  own precious moments in our hearts and minds, for that extra few seconds, to keep forever. At the very least, we have those endless memories of that perfect summer, that perfect weekend, that we can return to over and over again. And if we’re lucky, we will be able to recreate a new version of it as soon as the next wave of life is able to take us there…

    Ashley Tickell


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